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What is SEO?

Is your website cooler than Michael Crichton’s but attracts a fraction of his site’s visitors? Are your masterpieces languishing in Amazon rankings? Would you like your YouTube videos to trend their own #hashtags?

Image by jirsak, 123RF Stock PhotoOK… I can’t promise you the visibility of Michael Crichton’s site, but I can vouch that by improving your SEO, or search engine optimization, your web presence can do your promo work so you can write. Passive promo is your friend. By fine tuning the way search engines find your web presence and index it, you can increase traffic to your website, blog, social media outlets, and products or service listings.

“But didn’t my web designer already do that when my site was built?” Not likely. Readers only see pretty websites if they can find them, and if you don’t have impeccable name or title recognition, you must be immaculately visible to search engines. Most graphics designers and tech support don’t build sites with SEO in mind, and they don’t manage it once the sites are live.

Birth of an SEO Fetishist

… I mean, Optimization Consultant. Fine, I confess: I’m fascinated by creative geekery. I’ve worked in IT since 1991, and as an author and technofiend I walk eloquently between the worlds of bytes and bylines. My PC prowess and publishing presence are thorough enough to establish Internet traversing cred, while my artistic side is articulate enough to bridge the mix. In other words, whether you code your own site or are a total tech novice, I speak your language.

SEO Questionnaire Want to learn how to optimize your digital digs yourself? I can teach you the ropes in SEO and the range of skills necessary to maintain solid traffic to your web presence. Want the traffic without the DIY? No problem. Depending on your setup, I can make your website work while you write.

Whether you want to learn how to do it, me to do it for you, or for me to whisper sweet SEO nothings to your tech guru on your behalf, after our work your search engine results will be more targeted, placed higher in results, and give you greater visibility on the web.

Fill out this Web Optimization Questionnaire, and get a free 30-minute consultation with me to discuss your optimization needs and the packages I offer.


  • Optimize SEO for your websites and blogs (meta data, links, social media networking) Image by dankalilly, 123RF Stock Photo
  • Boost visibility for online retail product and identity SEO (Amazon, B&N)
  • Boost online product listings sites for product and identity SEO (Goodreads, YouTube)
  • Educate authors in techspeak
  • Facilitate dialogue with technical support
  • Educate authors in general techniques to reach their online audiences
  • Optimize social media platforms and use (“How To”, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck)
  • Provide on-site assistance (local)
  • Advise blog creation and branding
  • Advise on ebook options
  • Optimize direct website sales (implementing a cart)
  • Provide social media networking advice

When you complete the Web Optimization Questionnaire, we can talk further about services.

Policies and Disclaimer

I neither design websites, nor do I provide technical support for them. I am not a web master. My service provides advice on how to optimize your web presence based on your SEO Packages for Authorsexisting website, one that is in progress, social networking hubs, and/or retail listings. All changes to your site are done through your existing tech support. If I am given access to optimize your website, my responsibility is only to update settings and not to affect is appearance or function.

I do not guarantee specific outcomes as the result of my work. I guarantee that my optimization of your site will give you improved visibility in search engines. How well optimization accomplishes that feat is reliant on your site’s content, ease of design, and interaction with other sites and social media.

I am not responsible for sales performance on your website or any retail web front. I merely advise how to enhance that webfront to increase traffic to it.

I require prepayment for all work.

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