Praise for Gift of the Dreamtime

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“Harrell draws you into the dreamtime as an expert novelist draws you into a great novel and shares with you her experiences and knowledge of the world beyond the veil from the time she was very young.” ~Innerchange Magazine

“Her gift of sharing offers readers insight into how we can learn to understand those things that are beyond our control while gaining control of our own destiny.” ~SageWoman

I couldn’t put this book down! Give Gift of the Dreamtime to every wounded person you know. You’ll be healing them, healing yourself, and helping to heal the earth herself. ~ Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D. author of Secret Lives and Pagan Every Day

Following the magical, limitless exploration of a woman’s journey to finding her wisdom and her healing, I’m reminded of how little I know, how much I want to learn, and how incredibly powerful love is. Gift of the Dreamtime is a story that will widen your views and encourage you to think with your heart. ~ Terri St. Cloud, artist of Bone Sigh Arts

In this book that hunger and fear that nibbled and clawed at you and me for years is explained in poetic, experiential detail. Kelley guides us into our own souls, turning the “whys” into wise. ~ Bridgett Walther, author of Conquer the Cosmos

For those who wish to understand how shamanism can be of benefit in healing the hurt that abuse carries, this book is a wonderful journey of understanding, awakening, and insight. ~ Odette Nightsky, author of The Bridge Between Two Worlds. A Shamans guide to schizophrenia & Acute Sensitivity.

“Gift of the Dreamtime is a unique book, an artefact of Harrell’s explorations, valuable to other potential explorers and the curious.” ~ Spiral Nature

Let S. Kelley Harrell guide you on a very special spiritual journey — destination your healed soul! ~ Donna Henes, author of The Queen of My Self

Kelley walks her talk. Her journey into the depths and heights of transformation and her ultimate emergence as a gifted shaman is an inspiration for all of us. ~ Sherrie Dillard, author of Discover Your Psychic Type and Love and Intuition

“Through engaging with the author’s inner worlds and reading the guidelines for shamanic journeying that follow, readers are awakened to ancient tools for creating healing in their own lives.”~ Life Challenges

“How gifted any reader of this book will be to have shared in the learning experiences of others and perhaps, as I was, blessed to be placed on the path of their own healing journeys!” ~The Pagan Review

Harrell touches a deep place within each of us that has experienced a loss of power and an uncertainty about what path to take. Her story reminds us to trust in our spirit allies and not to fear the darkness.~ Kristin Madden, author of Pagan Parenting and Shamanic Guide to Death and Dying

“Absolutely recommend Gift of the Dreamtime to anyone, especially those working to overcome their own traumas.” ~ FacingNorth

It is rare when a slim, simple book has the power to heal lives in an instant, when the author is a true seer, too, with an eloquent mastery of the written word. Gifts of the Dreamtime is such a book. Kelley Harrell is such a writer. ~ Jeanne Supin, Founder of Consciousness Business Now

Gift of the Dreamtime gives hope for those of us who sometimes feel we’re not doing things right, or that perhaps there is no healing to be had.” ~ Pagan Book Reviews

“Harrell’s story of spiritual, emotional and physical recovery is a moving and profoundly inspiring one.” ~ Reviewer Magazine

Hidden in plain view, wisdom treasures fill Harrell’s story and illuminate guideposts useful on any journey into healing and life. The guides are Here and There just waiting for us to take the first step. ~ Dana Robinson, Faculty Member of Foundation for Shamanic Studies

This story is both a terrific metaphor for the trauma recovery process and a meaningful illustration of shamanism and its power to heal. The experience of this book will challenge you to rethink your own recovery possibilities, plus what you will do to bring yourself to freedom from the past. ~ Michele Rosenthal, author of Before the World Intruded: Conquering the Past and Creating the Future, A Memoir

[In this book] we learn that we are not the awful things that happen to us, but we are the wisdom, power, and transformation. Kelley Harrell teaches us that we are beings of great wonder. It is a brave book beautifully insightful and leads us to such greater knowing of ourselves. ~ Gail Wood, author of The Shamanic Witch

Gift of the Dreamtime not only demanded my respect for its writing, concept and novelty, but also for the author herself.” ~ Motor City Pagans

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