June 2014

4 June Everyday Connection

24 June The Jaguar and the Owl

May 2014

6 May Positive Living Vibrations

10 May O-Books MBS Blog Feature – The New Era of Spiritual Ecstasy

19 May The Wild Hunt – Alternative Faiths and Misconceptions

27 May Why Shamanism Now – Children and Shamanism: Teens

September 2013

Kelley discusses shamanic community in an international digital forum, and the Tribe of the Modern Mystic on Why Shamanism Now with host Christina Pratt. Download the interview for free on iTunes (Air date 17  September 2013).

July 2013

10 July 2013, Kelley interviewed by Nick Wale, of Novel Ideas .

May 2013

10 May 2013, Kelley interviewed by Syracuse Arts Examiner, David Garlow.

January 2013

7 January 2013, Kelley on The Breaking Free Show, interviewed by  Marilyn Lipman Shannon.

17 January 2013, Kelley on Intuit Youniversity, interviewed by Sherrie Dillard.

September 2012

Fuquay-Varina Independent Editor, Janet Kangas interviews Kelley on the revised second edition of Gift of the Dreamtime, and about her shamanic practice, Soul Intent Arts.

July 2012

Kelley discusses her shamanic work with PTSD and spiritual emergency, and her newly re-released memoir, Gift of the Dreamtime on Why Shamanism Now with host Christina Pratt. Download the interview for free on iTunes (Air date 24 July 2012).

June 2012

Kelley and The Spirit of a Woman featured in The Fuquay-Varina Independent.

October 2011

Interview with Kelley on radio show Her Future, with Danielle Boonstra and Macha Einbender.

Interview with Kelley on Seaview Radio show, Your Life After Trauma: How to Apply Coping Techniques That Work.

October 2010

Kelley included in The Oprah Winfrey Show tribute to late author and survivor Truddi Chase.

July 2010

Interview with Kelley IdeaMensch.

December 2009

Interview with Kelley on Internet Voices Radio show What the Animals Tell Me.

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